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The Everett Chorale performs a wide variety of choral music for the enrichment and enjoyment of our community while providing local singers with the opportunity to increase their musical knowledge and experience. The Everett Chorale rehearses on Monday evenings from 7:00 - 9:30 at Our Savior's Lutheran Church, 215 Mukilteo Blvd, Everett, WA 98203.

Friends of the Everett Chorale

The goal of the Friends of the Everett Chorale campaign is to receive many small donations.
Your $10 donation, added to others, will help us reach our $20,000 goal!


Dear Friends of the Everett Chorale,

For those who love choral music, as singers and audiences, we place deep meaning on gathering. We gather to sing together, preparing music that gives voice to beauty and meaning. We offer all that we've prepared that to our audiences who have, in turn, gathered to support us and receive that musical message. We trust, in rehearsals and performances, that it is our gathering that gives everyone present something they did not have when they walked in the door. Maybe it was a spark of inspiration, maybe the musical space to remember something or someone dear to us, a soundtrack that will accompany us for the next while, healing, or simply joy.

We cannot physically gather and sing for each other or for you in this period of time. From the very first cancelled rehearsal, that loss was felt. As our concert dates came and went, that loss has deepened. But our voices have been anything but silent. Immediately we set about the work of nurturing sparks – comforting each other, finding ways to connect and care for each other through Zoom, phone calls, drive-by celebrations, Facebook postings. Finding out how we could gather in spirit and heart, with music as our “reason,” but with community as our true purpose.

Our Mission in Changing Times

This fall will mark our 55th anniversary as chorale and a founder of choral music in Everett. We have grown and changed in each of those years, responding to the needs of our community and finding new opportunities for our members. Over the past two seasons of the Everett Chorale, we have had two priorities that are central to our mission – developing our collective voice and expanding the impact of that voice in service to our community.

For the next while, that mission will be challenged to adapt as we “protect the flame” of all that musical gatherings mean in our lives. We have already learned that the embers that we are tending cannot stay alive in isolation and we are forging ahead to offer musical experiences and learning opportunities, service projects, and a musical voice for our community. Over the Spring, we have been focused on virtual gatherings to discern what is possible, nurture our community, and keep the sparks of hope alive. We learned from this process that both our music and our community are important to us beyond the physical gatherings that can’t happen just now.

Help Us Protect the Flame

Walking away from our chorus until we can physically gather is not the way through this time. These embers that we are tending are not just held in store to rebuild the musical bonfire of the future. They are the very thing that keeps us gathered now. They are enough to warm our spirits, spark growth, illuminate needs, and light the path we walk to connect with each other and our community in response.

Will you help?

Donations of any size will allow us to keep the Everett Chorale a vibrant musical gathering place in Everett – now and in our future of singing together in person. That day will happen, and you will be around that fire with us, knowing that you helped to keep it alive!

You may donate here or by mailing a check made out to the Everett Chorale Association to:
Everett Chorale Association
PO Box 485
Everett, WA 98206-0485

Thank you all so much,

Jennifer Rodgers
Artistic Director
The Everett Chorale


We build community as we prepare our programs - offering musical growth, camaraderie, and opportunities for service.

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